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Dear Members,

As mentioned at the 2015 AGM, the Club has been looking into infrastructure to allow better member access to the courts, particularly at night under lights.  
In conjunction with Tennis Victoria (“Open Tennis”) and the City of Greater Dandenong, a new gate access system has been installed.  An online booking system will be fully operational shortly.

This new system involves using a unique code on a keypad at the gate to enter, which replaces the current key system. 
For the interim, you will need to enter a four digit code followed by the enter key (looks like an arrow) 
on the keypad at the gate - then just push open. Check your emails for the code number or contact the Club
if you have not received the email.  This code will be deactivated when the new system is fully operational.
When the system becomes fully operational, a code will be provided via the  Tennis Victoria online booking system, which can be accessed via the club website (computer / tablet / phone).  
Exit from the courts does not require any code, but please ensure the gate is shut after you enter or exit.  Separate instructions will follow once the system is fully operational.

The Club will advise you in due course regarding returning keys and obtaining any refund which may be due.  Once in place, members will need to go online to book a court for a set time.  For night play, there will be the ability
to book lights for an hourly light fee (the lights will come on and turn off automatically).

This new access will make court availability easier and fairer for all members and allow night tennis play under lights.  There will be no charge for members to use the courts – the only fee for members will be for the use of lights.

Under the terms of Open Tennis, the booking system will also allow non-members to book a court. 

Non-members will need to pay a court hire fee in advance online.  Full access instructions will be posted onto the club’s website and signs will be placed at the entrance.

The Committee would ask that you do not allow any person into the courts except your playing group. All members and fee-paying non-members will have their own unique access code.  The Committee will be monitoring this and has the ability to lock out people who abuse the system.

Competition and coaching will have court reservations in place where bookings for certain courts will not be allowed and where the gate will be open for these purposes.

The Committee hopes this new system will help you to enjoy your tennis with greater access and asks you to continue to look after the courts for the benefit of all.

Thank you for your continued support of the Keysborough Tennis Club. 

If you have any queries, please email the club on or contact a Committee Member (please see website).

Philip Horsburgh, 
on behalf of the Keysborough Tennis Club Committee


Victorian Laws Ban Smoking Where Children Play......

Smoking is banned at public outdoor areas where children play, including playgrounds, sporting venues and skate parks during events with ages under 18 years.  \
People are not allowed to smoke within 10 metres (about two car lengths) to help protect children and young people from second-hand smoke.
Please respect everyone's right to enjoy fresh air by not smoking at our courts and surrounds.

Keysborough Tennis Club is a Non Smoking Venue