Hot Shots

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is designed specifically for children regardless of their ability or age to start playing tennis. Hot Shots tennis is played on smaller courts with modified equipment, including lighter racquets, lower nets and low compression balls which don't bounce very high.

Hot Shots is a great way to encourage your kids to maintain an active lifestyle, to learn skills like agility, flexibility and speed as well as making friends along the way.

Children generally start getting involved in Hot Shots through our Coaching program and progress to our Hot Shots Competition, called Match Play, once they have completed at least two terms of Coaching classes.

The Hot Shots program has four stages to suit every age and ability. The stages are Blue, Red, Orange and Green.

Competition - Match Play

Match Play is a way for children to play team tennis at a competition level. There are three levels of Match Play - Red Ball, Orange Ball and Green Ball level. Children who become involved in Match Play will learn the basics of game play, as well as scoring.

Match Play teams are made up of both boys and girls with two or more players per team. Match Play competitions are played during the school term on a Sunday morning and run for six to eight weeks.

Ask our Coach for more information about whether your child is ready for Match Play.