Social Tennis

The Keysborough Tennis Club is launching a new, commitment-free tennis program for adults, no experience necessary. This social tennis initiative allows players of all abilities to get back into tennis or to start it for the first time.

Food is included in the sessions, as well as an upbeat soundtrack to keep everyone smiling and relaxed.

This new Thursday night social event is open to everyone, celebrating tennis through fresh, new game formats in an accommodating and commitment free environment.

The 90 minute session aims to have participants embracing casual tennis in a relaxed format. The evening is made up of two parts; off-court with food and drinks, and on-court time for swinging, slamming and smiling, with a great soundtrack pumping through the evening.

Open Court Sessions is for anyone who has ever thought ‘I love tennis, I used to play’ or ‘I want to play tennis again, I just don’t have anyone to play with. Open Court Sessions is a solution that allows for all styles of play. For every level, for every age, for every person.

Open Court Sessions will be running for eight weeks at Keysborough Tennis Club. Details for this event can be found below and though the date changes, the day and time remain the same in the following weeks.

If you do not have gear or equipment, no worries, Keysborough Tennis Club will provide racquets and balls.

It’s time to get your racquet on. Make a racket, have some fun – it’s tennis time.