Parent Guidelines

Waverley Tennis has over 100 clubs and approximately 1000 teams competing each week. Below is some helpful hints to assist you and your child in achieving the best tennis experience with Waverley Tennis and the Keysborough Tennis Club:


There are a number of responsibilities associated with the commitment of a Parent/Carer of a child entered to play in the Waverley Tennis Junior Competition and as a representative of the Keysborough Tennis Club -

1. For Saturday morning competition, players should be in attendance by 8.00am.

2. Should your player be unavailable for any reason the Junior Convenor/Team Manager should be advised at the earliest possible time so that a replacement can be arranged. This often isn't easy. Please remember that the Club will be fined should the team have to forfeit. Please also be aware that if a team forfeits three times in a season it will be withdrawn from the current competition.

3. Should a player be very late the opposition team may claim the first set to nil.

4. The Club makes arrangements/rosters for travel to away matches. Please make sure that you are aware of them.

5. The Club appoints a Team Manager to liase with other Parents/Carers of the team members to arrange team and driving rosters for away matches. On arrival at an away venue the Team Manager should advise the Duty Supervisor that all team members are present, find out which courts are being used and make sure that players are entered on the score sheets in the correct order, and, most importantly that the first and last names of players are clearly readable.

6. Some clubs, due to a large number of teams, are required to use outside venues (i.e. venues at other clubs). The Team Manager should advise team members whether this situation will affect each week's match.

7. Inclement Weather - Unless you are advised otherwise by the Team Manager, all players should attend, whether at home or away.

8. It is the responsibility of the Duty Supervisor at the venue club to decide as to whether or not courts are playable, and matches cannot be called a washout unless the Duty Venue Supervisor has signed the score sheets accordingly.

9. It is not up to Parents/Carers to decide that it is too wet to play

10. At least one parent of the away team must be in attendance at all times during away matches and stay until all players are collected when the match is finished.

On Court

Unlike some other sports there are clear rules and regulations that apply to parent involvement in tennis. Many of our parent/carers are new to the sport and the following is a list of the most important rules and regulations -

1. Coaching or communication in any form while a player is involved on court in either a set or rubber is strictly a 'no no'.

2. Assisting players in any way to call lines or keep score or in any other involvement in the match is not allowed.

3. No Parent/Carer or other player is allowed on the court while a match is in progress. Exceptions:

(a) The Duty Supervisor, or their authorised representative, may be on court to supervise when required.

(b) In the case of 'D' Grade (basically beginners) the Duty Supervisor may appoint someone to assist the players if necessary. This sometimes needs to happen when first time players are at the beginning of a new season.

4. There is no problem reminding players to call the score after each point, however, it should be a reminder only and not provide the score.

5. If as a Parent/Carer you are concerned with any on court or off court activity, such as parental involvement of your player's opponents, you should bring the problem to the attention of the Venue Supervisor for action. You must not try to handle it yourself.

6. Please feel free to encourage all players from both teams and always remember the children, particularly at the lower levels, are learning.

7. Finally, encourage but do not criticise (e.g. clapping faults) as the latter will kill a player's enthusiasm quicker than anything else and ultimately turn them away from the sport.


There are clear channels for the disputes or queries. All disputes/queries that need the attention of Waverley Tennis must be submitted through the Keysborough Tennis Club Junior Convenor.

In Conclusion

The Club Officials and Waverley Tennis Officials are all volunteers that willingly give up their time and expertise to provide your players with the opportunity to play competition tennis. If you have the opportunity to meet them, show them the respect they deserve for doing what is sometimes a very difficult job.