Junior Competition

2020 - 2021 SUMMER SEASON proposed to start 7th November (TBC).

SIGN UPS for the upcoming season are

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Competition tennis is a great way for our kids to compete, develop friendships and maintain healthy lifestyles.

2019 Winter - B Special 1 Winners
2019 Winter - B Grade 3 Runners Up
Coaching staff member, Hayden, with two of our Junior competition players
C Special 1Runners Up 2018/2019
D Special 2Runners Up 2018/2019
C1 Runners Up 2018/2019

The Club currently has a number of junior teams competing on a Saturday morning in the Waverley & District Tennis Association:

  • Saturday morning competition starts at 8.15am finishing by 12.15pm

  • Two seasons are played each year. Summer season starts in October and goes to March. Winter season starts in April and goes to September.

  • To access the current standings on the ladder click here

  • To access the current fixture for each team, click here

All competitors must be fully-paid members of the Keysborough Tennis Club.

The Club has some directives regarding Junior Competition including Parent Guidelines and Child Safety information.

Click here to view our Parent Guidelines information page.

Click here to view our Child Safety information page.

Junior Competition Finalists