Fast 4

FAST4 Tennis is designed to fit tennis into a busy lifestyle. The fundamentals of the game remain the same, with adapted rules to ensure matches are competitive, exciting and can be played within a short period of time by all abilities.

FAST4 Tennis is a shortened format of tennis. FAST4 Tennis was globally launched in Sydney with Roger Federer and Lleyton Hewitt. It has since been be showcased by a host of other champions including Rafael Nadal, Fernando Verdasco, Gael Monfils, Nick Kyrgios and many more!

Rules & Scoring

Scoring takes the form of 1, 2, 3, Game rather than 15, 30, 40, Game

PLAY LETS - If the ball hits the net cord on a serve and bounces in the correct service box, play will continue. In doubles, either of the receiving pair can play the let (eg. the receiver’s partner can move across and return the serve).

NO-AD SCORING - At 3 points all its “next point wins” the game. The receiver chooses which side the point is played.


  • First to 5 points
  • 2 points serving each (starting deuce side)
  • Change ends once only after 4 points.
  • If Tiebreaker reaches 4-4 it’s “next point wins” the set. Players come to the net and umpire will toss a coin with winner(s) of toss deciding who serves (or spin racquet if no umpire). Receiver chooses which side the point is played.


  • Player A – 2 points serving
  • Player B – 2 points serving
  • Change ends
  • Player A (or Player C in doubles) - 2 points serving
  • Player B (or Player D in doubles) – 2 points serving

If Tiebreaker reaches 4-4 players come to net for coin toss or racquet spin – winner of toss decides to serve or receive. Receiver(s) chooses which side the point is played.

4 GAME SET - First to 4 games wins the set.

POWER PLAY - Each player has the ability to nominate a “Power Play” once per set when serving. Players must hold the ball up to their opponent and announce “Power Play”. Umpire must call “Power Play”.

The winner of the Power Play receives 2 points.

MATCH FORMATS - One of the following FAST4 match formats can be used.

  • One FAST4 set.
  • Best of two FAST4 sets. If sets are split, a FAST4 tiebreaker is played to determine the outcome of the match.
  • Best of three FAST4 sets.